birdsedge (birdsedge) wrote in rasfc,


What's your work in progress?

I've just delivered a middle grade fantasy to my agent. Called 'Your Horse Sees Dead People' it's about horses and magic (not magic horses) and two teens trying to reclaim their respective fathers.

So now I'm working on another middle grade fantasy called Secret Dragons (working title). I'm only 10k into the first draft so I'm planning to take it to Milford in September to see if the general consensus is that it's got legs.

In the meantime my agent is still trying to sell 'The Winterwood Choice' an adult fantasy, set in 1800, with magic, sailing ships, a cross-dressing privateer captain haunted by the ghost of her late husband, fae, a sexy American blackbeard-type and a bunch of barely reformed pirates. No luck yet.
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