hrj (hrj) wrote in rasfc,

A concept in writers' communities

This post is an experiment in a sort of “distributed writers’ discussion community” concept that green_knight has proposed. The basic idea (interpreted through my understanding) is to try to develop a system … a set of habits … a process for using LJ (and, potentially, other similar media) to create the sort of ongoing communal discussion on common topics of interest that many of us fondly (if not always accurately) remember usenet being in The Olden Days. In brief, the idea is for the discussion to take place either in individual journals, or in a purpose-created lj community, or in both, with a system of cross-posted pointers to alert people to a relevant post. Said cross-posted pointers would be placed in the individual posters’ journals, in the community, in comments on discussion threads in other journals, with the idea being to funnel readers through to the discussion in a single click. Another part of the concept would be to encourage evolving discussions to be re-posted as new threads on a relatively short cycle time (to avoid the awkwardness involved in LJ’s short attention span).

While it isn't currently the intent to use the existing LJ rasfc community as the touch-point for this idea, it seems like a good place to do some concept-testing.

This is, perhaps, more introduction than an experimental post ought to include, but the concept will need some initial explanation to make sense. So the actual post will “live” on my journal. Another, briefer, pointer will be posted in the discussion on green_knight’s journal that proposed the idea. And we'll see if anyone jumps in the pool.
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